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Versatility seven days a week

Versatility seven days a week

It doesn’t matter what kind of every-day railway maintenance tasks you are facing, you will still benefit from the Railvac OTM’s versatility! The Railvac OTM’s supplies you with the opportunity to plan and deliver maintenance projects both during weekend and mid-week “rules of the route” possessions with a high performance level.

Here are some examples of different Railvac OTM applications:

Always with the track in situ and without disconnections!

Download the complete Railvac OTM list of applications

If you would like to see the most common applications within your expertise of railway maintenance, just click on one of the headlines to the right.

Maximising possession time within minutes of arrival

Railcare’s 20 metre long W6A gauged Railvac OTM’s are hauled to site as part of self-contained engineering maintenance trains. Consequently, it only takes a few minutes after a train arrives and the Railvac OTM is separated, before the giant vacuum nozzle is working at full power, breaking up and removing deteriorated ballast, or any other kind of wet or clogged spoil material.

The Railvac OTM’s 8” vacuum nozzle is manoeuvred remotely by one operative, moving it around all the buried obstacles and cables in a similar way to that of a surgeon operating without damaging any of the surrounding tissue.

When it comes to power, you can trust us when we say there is enough behind the nozzle to break up any kind of clogged or compacted materials. The Railvac OTM is, after all, the world’s most powerful mobile air/vacuum excavator.

The Railvac OTM leaves just a few bays of the track open at any one time, so there is only a relatively limited need for track support before the new ballast is in place with the help of RRV’s.

The excavation depth is easy to adjust and control; it’s normally a minimum of 300 mm below the sleeper bottom. To go deeper isn’t a problem, and only takes a little more time to complete the site’s requirements

See what it’s all about

Just give us a call or send us an e-mail, and we’ll arrange for you to visit one of our Railvac’s working sites so you can see what it’s all about.

You’ll soon see why we say that we are transforming the way in which the UK’s railway network is maintained and renewed – safely, reliably, far more efficiently and within normal possession times.