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Most common UK applications

Most common Railvac works in the UK since 2005

Railcare has, with Railvac OTM air/vacuum excavators, performed excavation works in some 300 S&C heavy refurbishment and re-ballasting sites all over the UK.

We’ve also re-ballasted approx. 8000 wetbeds on the Western route between 2014 and early 2016.

Moreover, we have delivered multiple plain line re-ballasting, track lowering, drainage installation, cleaning and refurbishment, trial hole excavation, cleaning and lowering catch pits in conjunction with High Output Systems and Under Track Crossing (UTX’s) projects. These are carried out on plain lines, in S&C areas (both timber and concrete layouts), along platforms, in tunnels, on bridges, in stations, etc.

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Just give us a call or send us an e-mail, and we’ll arrange for you to visit one of our Railvac OTM’s working sites so you can see what it’s all about.

You’ll soon see why we say that we are transforming the way in which the UK’s railway network is maintained and renewed – safely, reliably, far more efficiently and within normal possession times.